About the Band
Nick Harlow
David Lam
Jeslyn Vaughan
Summer Gentry
Juke Wyatt
upright bass/vocals
It's difficult to find the right words to describe A Good Natured Riot, but that dosn't stop their legions of fans from coming out to see them. These five acoustic musicians have come from all over the map - geographically and musically - to create a truly inspired sound. Some have described their it as folk-funk. Some say it's "ecleticgrass" infused with some jazzy soul. But all seem to agree: it's a lot of fun.

The band performs with a variety of musical instruments - from guitars and fiddles to dobro and even a washboard to add to the fun. Punctuated by tight harmonies and percussive textures, A Good Natured Riot has found a unique groove all their own. To figure out your own description, you'll just have to experience them for yourself.


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